Q: Does Jeff Reiisi do private classes? Where and how can we request to have training ?
A: Yes he does if you are in US we need 1 months in advance to set up the time but if you are outside of US we need at least 2 month in advance to set up the class.

Q: Where does normally Jeff Reiisi normally do the seminar?
A: He does Seminars all over the world

Q: I am a retailer and I am interested in whole selling Jeff Reiisi products. Who do I contact ?
A: We are always excited to work with new retailers. Please contact us at 1408 3150018 or by email at Reiisi@aol.com and a sales representative will contact you directly.

Q: What is it?
A: An innovative way for you to achieve salon styling at home or while you travel. The detachable styling brushes in this Blowout set offer lift, body, and shine in less time–with less effort. Best of all, the set comes in a travel case, so achieving gorgeous hair is easy anywhere you go.

Q: Who is it for?
A: All hair types: fine, coarse, thin, thick, short, long, layered, or one length.

Q: Why is it different?
A: The Blowout Brush set allows you to dry your hair evenly and thoroughly without the constant pulling and tugging of a brush. It can even be used on days when you don’t shampoo. The ceramic barrels of the brushes create equal heat delivery. Ionic technology promotes healthy-looking hair, while the superior boar and nylon bristles help reduce static and frizz. The comfort-grasp brush handle is equipped with a barrel release button, so styling your hair is easier than ever before.

Q: How do I use it?
A. Use when your hair is at least 85% dry. Connect a brush barrel to the brush handle. Style a section of your hair with the brush, heating the entire hair length with a blow dryer. Make sure your section of hair is not wider than the brush. Roll same section around brush. Release handle and secure with butterfly clip; repeat on all sections. Allow hair to set and cool for at least five minutes. When taking out the brush barrels, be sure to unroll it the same way you rolled it in, without pulling down on the hair. Style as desired.